Alex’s Top Ten of 2010

Alex: Disclaimers first. My top 10 lists are notoriously shifty. In years past I’ve looked at my list only a couple of weeks after posting it and I’ve said, “What the hell is that movie doing on there?” When we get closer to Ira Night I’ll post my Ira ballot, which is much more representative of my actual thoughts and opinions about the year in movies.

Okay. So. In reverse order for greater suspense:

10. Inspector Bellamy

9. I Am Love

8. Sweetgrass

7. Life During Wartime

6. Eccentricities of a Blond-Haired Girl

5. Shutter Island

4. Secret Sunshine

3. Bluebeard

2. I Love You Phillip Morris

And my favorite movie of 2010…

1. Toy Story 3

Aaron: So this is mostly a great list, Alex! I think Toy Story 3 is a weird choice for best of the year (and not somewhere lower on the list), but, as the kids say, whatev. I love that you have Bluebeard, Secret Sunshine, Eccentricities, Sweetgrass (which wasn’t on my list or my honorable mention list, but I really, really liked a lot! I learned all sorts of new uses for the f and c words in it!) and Inspector Bellamy.

I think I Am Love is really nice, a sensual smorgasbord with far and away the best score of the year (is it original John Adams or is it just Adams stuff that he been repurposed?). The reasons I don’t like it are just the reasons I don’t like most melodramas – that they’re hard to related to because characters in melodramas aren’t really people… But I respect the film.

(Note: I don’t want to rip your list, because I think lists are weird and hard to defend and emotional and visceral, as much as intellectual. Bravo on a good list!)


About Aaron & Alex

We're two highly opinionated, movie-going, liberal, cynical, (single) New York Jews who like to bitch about movies.
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